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The Immorality of the Sanctions War: Faith Communities speak out.


Vatican envoy in Iraq denounces embargo again 25 June 1998.

Vatican Cardinal Slams Sanctions While Leaving Iraq 15 June 1998.

Iraq embargo scored, papal visit suggested 15 June 1998.

Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, concluding a trip to Iraq, again criticized in international embargo on that country, and announced the Pope John Paul II hopes to make a personal pilgrimage to the "birthplace of Abraham" before the Jubilee Year 2000.

Pope renews call to end embargo 19 May 1998.

Mennonite Central Committee board issues statement about Iraq at its annual meeting 20 February 1998

US Cardinals Ask For Peaceful Iraq Solution 16 February 1998.

Baghdad bishop calls for peace, end to embargo 6 February 1998.

"Is anyone thinking about the children who are dying of hunger?" the bishop asked. "Or are they allowing political and economic considerations to lead them into neglecting the common good of the people? Everywhere I turn, I hear talk about bombing and military solutions to settle the issues. What has happened to the human conscience?"

Open letter to the Churches in the Netherlands 24 January 1998

Bishops' Statement on the Iraqi Sanctions 20 January 1998. (54 Catholic Bishops in the United States called for an end to the sanctions against the Iraqi People. Please urge your local religious community to join with these Bishops and support an end to the war against the people of Iraq.)

Pope condemns embargo against Iraq10 January 1998 (Associated Press)

National Council of Churches asks United Nations, US, and Iraqi Governments to exercise "restraint" and to continue seeking peace 26 November 1997 (includes message to heads of the NCC's 34 member communions, and letter to President Clinton)

Bishop Pilla, president of the U.S. bishops' conference, notes Opposition to Iraq Sanctions November 18, 1997

Iraq Crisis Letter to Editor, by the Director of the Peace and Social Justice Ministry,Catholic Diocese of Joliet November 17, 1997

National Campaign to Urge the US Catholic Bishops to Call for an End to Iraqi Sanctions October 7, 1997


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