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Pictures on this page courtesy of Voices in the Wilderness


11 year old child with coagulants available. Qadissiya Hospital (outskirts of Baghdad). (Photo: Rick McDowell )


Acute starvation. Qadissiya Hospital. (Photo: Rick McDowell )


Ali Anba 11 years , initially suffered a respiratory infection, with no antibiotics available it developed into end stage pneumonia. Qadissiya Hospital. (Photo: Rick McDowell )


The Pharmacy, with the drugs of the entire hospital for that day. This is the largest general hospital serving more than 1 million in a heavly populated area of Baghdad. Qadissiya Hospital. (Photo: Rick McDowell )


A young child with cancer. Cancer is the death verdict for this child because of inavailbity of chemotherapy treatment. Qadissiya Hospital. (Photo: Rick McDowell )





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