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As the United States and it's allies (including New Zealand) prepare for another attack on Iraq, we call for all New Zealanders to oppose this illegal and immoral preparation for war.

New Zealand has put a team of SAS troops on stand-by along with suport staff and resources, including the Orions that went to the Gulf at the beginning of 1998 during the most recent show down over UN arms inspectors.


What can you do?

> visit the Iraq Sanctions Medical Alert Group (ISMAG) site.

> contact your local MP and urge them to oppose any more NZ involvement in the potential attack. Ask them instead to support calls for the sanctions to be lifted and to pojt out the illegality of the U.S. action to date.

> join local demonstrations against any attack. Details of local activities are available from Peace Movement Aotearoa [email]. Or you could organise your own vigil/demonstration if one is not planned for your town.

> write (Freepost c/- Parliament Buildings, Wellington) to the Prime Minister (Jenny Shipley), Defence Minister (Max Bradford) and Foreign Affairs Minister (Don McKinnon) urging a reversal in current policy and NZ preparations for war. Ask them to listen to the people of NZ instead of following US moves.

> write to local newspapers and call talk-back radio with your opinion on the situation. Quote UN agencies and individuals who have questioned the sanctions farce since it's inception. Here is a sample letter.

> make a donation to UNICEF for medical supplies to Iraq. Concerned Kiwis have already generously donated over $43,000 which has been used directly for medicine and medical supplies through UNICEF in Iraq.

> read the articles by US academic Noam Chomsky on Iraq.



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