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Iraq Action Coalition (reputedly the most comprehensive international Sanctions Site)

New Zealand Anti-Gulf War Web-Site ** **** **** ******* *** ** ***** ****


Tina Manley Photographs of Iraq

10 Myths About the Sanctions

ADC-Task Force for Iraq (ADC-ITF) (join the ADC-ITF Electronic Mailing List)

Al-Bushra (Arab-American Roman Catholic Community) (link to Al-Bushra homepage) [link to specific information on Iraq on Al-Bushra homepage]

American Friends Service Committee (link to AFSC website)

A Bridge to Baghdad (link to a Bridge to Baghdad homepage -- website in Italian English)

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI) based in the UK (link to the CASI website)

The Edge Gallery

Fellowship of Reconciliation (link to FOR website)

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)- US-UN-Iraq Crisis (link to FCNL website)

International Action Center (link to the website) Very Informative

International Campaign to End Blockade of Iraq

International Commission of Inquiry on Economic Sanctions

International Relief Association

International War Crimes Tribunal

Iraqi Page in the Voice of the Arab World

International Movement for a Just World (link to website -- based in Malaysia)

Iraq Action Network -- Canada (link to the IAN website)

Iraq Crisis AntiWar Homepage A Project of the Nonviolence Web (link to website)

Iraq Help (link to website; Iraq Help is a "a personal effort by an Iraqi citizen in order to give help and support to his country at this dark moment of its history")

Islam On Line (link to website)

Islamic Center of Long Island (link to website)

Mennonite Central Committee - Assistance to Iraq (link to the Mennonite Central Committee homepage)

Muslim Peace Fellowship -- National Campaign to End Iraqi Sanctions (link to MPF website)

National Council of Churches (link to NCC website)

Organization in Solidarity with the People of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL) (based in Spain)

Peace and Justice Works (formerly Portland Peaceworks): Iraq Affinity Group Web Page (link to website)

Pax Christi USA -- National Catholic Peace Movement (link to website)

Peace Suitors at Tokyo (link to website -- website in English and Japanese)

Plough Online. The Bruderhof Communities (link to website) ** Excellent source for publications books

Society for International Communication (link to website -- website in German and English)

South Movement (link to website)

Spanish Campaign for Lifting the Sanctions on Iraq

Stop Cassini Earth Flyby (link to website)

Students Against the Sanctions on Iraq

Um So' Mundo -- Apelo a Favor do Iraque Portuguese organization for lifting the sanctions on Iraq: (link to website)

Voices in the Wilderness and Voices in the Wilderness Activities Very Informative

Workers World News Service - Iraq Up Close (link to website)

Additional organizations organizing against sanctions on Iraq




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Iraq Sanctions Medical Alert Group

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