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Pictures on this page courtesy of Voices in the Wilderness



Yousif Assad suffering from Septicemia (a lethal infection of the blood). Parents sold most of their belongings to secure the medicine, but is still not enough to save him. Qadissiya Hospital (outskirts of Baghdad)


Basra Paediatric and Gynecology Hospital. Nassar Feyath 1 year old, suffering from nutritional Marasmus. (Photo: Chuck Quilty)


A boy wading through streets filled with raw sewage in a heil Hussein neighborhood in Basra. Sanctions prevent the importing of sweage plants spare parts. (Photo: Chuck Quilty)


A lovely child suffering from nutritional Marsmus unware of his grim fate. Basra Paediatric and Gynecology hopsital. (Photo: Rick McDowell )


Three brothers all suffering severe malnutrition.





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