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10 March 2000

Visit to New Zealand of Denis Halliday: April 2000

Wellington 16-18 April
Christchurch 19 April
Auckland 20-21 April

Former United Nations assistant Secretary-general Denis Halliday resigned
in late 1998 in protest at the sanctions against Iraq, ending a long and
distinguished diplomatic career. He continues to teach at the UN School and
a number of US universities, and also is much in demand as a media
commentator on the Iraq sanctions issue. He comes to New Zealand direct
from London where he has been filming a documentary on the civilian impact
of sanctions with John Pilger (for ITV).

In New Zealand, Denis Halliday will address the issues of the legality of
the sanctions, their humanitarian impact on Iraq's civilian population and
how the sanctions have strengthened the hold that Saddam Hussein's regime
has on Iraq.

Denis Halliday is an Irishman who worked for the UN for 34 years. He is a
specialist in Third World development issues. During his career he was
stationed in Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as at UN headquarters in
New York. On 1 September 1997 he was appointed UN Humanitarian Coordinator
in Iraq. He resigned thirteen months later in protest at the effect the UN
Security Council imposed sanctions were having on the civilian population
of Iraq. Denis Halliday's successor as coordinator of the UN "Oil for Food"
programme. Hans Von Sponeck, also resigned in February 2000.

Halliday is visiting New Zealand to meet with politicians directly, as well
as officials and NGOs. It is planned to hold public meetings for Mr.
Halliday in Wellington and Auckland, as well as media appointments. His
visit is extraordinarily timely in view of the recently announced
"re-think" on sanctions policy announced by Foreign Affairs Minister Phil
Goff, and a humanitarian focus for policy advice.

His visit is being co-ordinated by the Iraq Sanctions Medical Alert Group
(ISMAG). Mr. Halliday is having his hotel and airfare costs reimbursed by
ISMAG, and we have secured some NGO support for this. But we will
inevitably require some personal donations to help defray his expenses.
This is a "one-off" effort by ISMAG, which normally relies on voluntary
effort. Because of the late notice of the visit, and ISMAGs structure,
donations cannot be tax deductible.

Authorised by Iraq Sanctions Medical Alert Group. ASB Society Account.
Signatories: Drs Marten Hutt and Pauline Norris, HSRC, Victoria University of Wellington

To make a donation, please contact: Dr. Marten Hutt wk ph: (04) 463 6527 / hm: 389 1706 Fax:
(04) 463 6568

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