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Below is a copy of ISMAG's Sanctions Petition calling for an end to the sanctions - the list includes all the people who endorse the statement;

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned at the humanitarian crisis being caused in Iraq by economic sanctions.

According to the United Nation's own figures sanctions have caused the deaths of around one million children, the vast majority of whom were not even born at the time of the Gulf War.

These children, the innocent victims of Iraq, have already paid the price of an international dispute with their lives and many more will perish unless the embargo is lifted.

Sanctions have plunged ordinary people into misery. A humanitarian panel of experts commissioned by the UN Security Council to assess the situation in Iraq reported in March 1999 that "the country has experienced a shift from relative affluence to massive poverty" during sanctions. The humanitarian panel found that child mortality had more than tripled and that "infant mortality rates in Iraq are among the highest in the world". UNICEF reports that a quarter of Iraqi children under five are chronically malnourished. The experts concluded that the "oil-for-food" relief programme alone could never meet the humanitarian needs of the people of Iraq.

All wars have to end sometime. Kuwait was returned to its owners in 1991. Why are we still killing Iraqi children as we enter the new millennium? No more war. No more sanctions. Let the Iraqi people live!

Please complete the following details (all address information remains confidential to ISMAG):







NB. The undersigned are under no obligation to financially support or endorse the work of ISMAG.

  • Kamal Sabbagh, Auckland, NZ.
  • Ali Al-Shahwan, Wellington, NZ.
  • Richard Barter, Auckland, NZ.
  • Steve Tollestrup, Auckland, NZ.
  • Miki Virijevic, Kenosha, Wi, USA.
  • Jennifer Lyons, Waukesha, USA.
  • Murray Malcolm, Dunedin, NZ.
  • Margot Parkes, Wellington, NZ.
  • A.R. Haneen, Canada.
  • Wael Al-Delaimy, Harvard, USA.
  • Shuna Lennon, Christchurch, NZ.
  • Ashley Bloomfield, Wellington, NZ.
  • George Thomson, Wellington, NZ.
  • Tony Maturin, Wellington, NZ.
  • Marten Hutt, Wellington, NZ.
  • Morag Godfrey-Grant, NZ.
  • Anthony Cross, Wellington, NZ.
  • Robert Orr, Wellington, NZ.
  • Rachael Hutt, Christchurch, NZ.
  • Paul Bowden, Upper Hutt, NZ.
  • Manu Caddie, Gisborne, NZ.
  • Timothy Shipe, Tucson, Arizona, USA.
  • Edwar Eshow, Wellington, NZ.
  • Matthew MacNair, Kansas City, USA.
  • Kenneth J. Wahl, Carrboro, North Carolina.
  • Daniel P. Wirt M.D., Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Jamilla Homayun, Wellington.
  • Marshal Beck, Denver, Co. USA.
  • Steven B. Fine, Bowie, MD, USA.
  • Dora May Sutcliffe.
  • Tom Nagy, Washington, D.C., U.S.
  • Darryl Halden, Albany, Australia.

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